Gang Mentality: Uncovering Americas Dark Past

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Welcome to the "Gang Mentality: History of America's Gang Culture" documentary companion site!

This page is designed to explore in greater detail the diverse and indepth experience of gangs in America. This site will be updated with a wide variety of interactive features trivia and media gallaries that will help illustrate the dark past of America's Underworld. Stay tuned to our site for developments on the status of our documentary release. In the meantime enjoy this informational journey into America's gang culture...

The documentary “Gang Mentality: History of America’s Gang Culture” explores the history of the criminal organization in America and evaluates the type of disadvantaged life that all groups no matter the ethnicity shared and ultimately lead to their joining a gang. This takes the gang member out of the realm of faceless culprit and delves deeper into the lives and mentalities that work as catalysts that lead youth down the path of gangs and a life of crime. This piece answers the: who's, what’s, when’s, where’s and how’s about gangs in America. The history paints a picture of the commonalities that the gang members of the 18th Century share with the gang members of today. The class and social issue seem to be consistent from group to group and century to century.


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The Legions of Light Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) foundation that is dedicated to the advancement and education of  society on a national and global scale. One of the missions of the LLF is to uncover and reveal the truth about gangs and their history in America. Hopefully understanding the history and mentality that breeds gang this may assist in addressing the foundation of the issue.

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